Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide approached MG Signs to see if there was anything we could apply to the windows at their UK Head Office to reduce the excess heat that can make buildings hot and uncomfortable in the summer.

An application of solar control film by MG Signs was an efficient and straightforward way to tackle the problem. Using Solar control window vinyl’s we were able to provide a solution that reduced the excess heat by up to 80%, whilst still allowing natural light to pass through the windows.

Our solar film can be applied to existing windows and is available in a range of grades, shades and colours. Each film varies in appearance and performance.

We are able to install film internally and externally and are fully equipped with access equipment, allowing us to complete jobs at height or in difficult to reach areas.

MG Signs were also able to provide a complete report analysis of the results by using our heat reduction measurement tools for a before and after effect.

Hilton Worldwide were delighted with the results.

We offer working samples of each film type free of charge, allowing you to see first-hand how each product performs.